11 - 13 SEPTEMBER 2006



Monday 11 September
1130 LUNCH
  Chairman: Torkild Eivindson
1300 OPENING Åge Storm
1310 Dr. Richard M. Rousseau (invited speaker), Geological Survey of Canada.
"How to solve the Sherman equation in practice"
1355 Dr. Michael Mantler1, Yoshiyuki Kataoka2, Naoki Kawahara2, Shinya Hara2, Yasujiro Yamada2, Takashi Matsuo2.
1. Vienna University of Technology, Austria.
2. Rigaku Industrial Corporation, Osaka, Japan.
"A Standardless Fundamental Parameter Method Based on Scattering X-rays and Monte Carlo Simulation.
1415 Coffee
1445 Dr. Elke Thisted, Central Laboratory, Elkem, Norway
"XRF-trace anaysis of P in Si-metal"
1515 Michael A. Gerhardsen, Bente Sviund, NOAH Holding AS, Holmestrand, Norway
"Etablering av metode for kvantitativ bestemmelse i fast uorganisk farlig avfall"
1545 Irene Solås, Kristin Husebø Hestnes, North Cap Minerales, Lillesand, Norway.
"Aluminium cups instead of boric acid in preparation of powder tablets"
1600 L. Perring1, J. Blanc1, A. Kohler2 & Didier Bonvin2
1. Nestlé Research Centre, Switzerland
2. Thermo Electron SA, Switzerland
"Fast determination of nutrients in milk powders using WDXRF"
1630 End.
1700 Walking from hotel entrance to Kristiansand Zoo.
2000 Dinner, Rica Dyreparken Hotel.


Tuesday 12 September
  Chairman: Lorentz Petter Lossius
0900 Lorentz Petter Lossius. Hydro Aluminium Technology Centre, Årdal , Norway.
"Quantitative XRD of Silicon Carbide Lining in Al-electrolysis Cells Using Rietveld Analysis"
0930 Jacob Noreland, PANAlytical, Sweden.
"Using X-ray Diffraction for Quality Control"
1000 Coffee
1030 Andreas Grimstvedt, Norges Geologisk Undersøkelser (NGU), Norway.
"Eksempel på bruk av Principal Component Analysis (PCA) som hjelpemiddel i behandling av XRD-data"
1100 Arne Eriksson, Spectral Solutions, Lidingö, Sweden
"Advances in Quantitative X-ray Diffraction"
1130 T.Enqvist1, K. Joansson2, J.Malmqvist2
1. Outokumpu Stainless AB, Avesta, Sweden
2. XRF Analytical AB, Sweden
"MultiScat - a new program for the evaluation of X-ray intensities into concentrations - applied in analysing metal and alloy samples"
1200 Lunch
  Chairman: Helene Trøyte
1330 Didier Bonevin and Ravi Yellepeddi, Thermo Electron SA, Switzerland.
"An Overview of Advances in X-ray Instruments and Solutions for use in Metals Industry"
1415 Armand Jonkers, PANalytical, Netherlands.
"Specific Industrial applications by WD-XRF"
1445 Coffee
1515 Maggi Loubser1 (invited speaker), Peet H van Rooyen2 and Johan PR de Villiers3.
1. Geology Department, University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.
2. Chemistry Department, University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.
3. Department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering, University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.
"Lithium borate fusion: Some physical and chemical aspects involved"
1600 Jean-Philippe Gagnon, Corporation Scientifique Claisse Inc, Canada.
"Preparation of Ferrosilicon samples for XRF analysis using borate fusion"
1630 Michel Davidts, Socachim-XRF Scientific, Belgium.
"Fusion for better analytical results"
1700 Rainer Schramm, FLUXANA GmbH & Co.KG, Germany.
"An application 'solution' for Borate Fusions"
1730 End
1930 Banquet


Wednesday 13 September
  Chairman: Åge Storm
0900 Dr. Michael Mantler1, Y. Kataoka2, H. Kohno2, E. Furusawa2
1. Vienna University of Technology, Austria.
2. Rigaku Industrial Corporation, Osaka, Japan.
"Analysis of Zn-Fe Alloy Coatings by Using a Multi-Channel X-ray Spectrometer with two Take-Off Angles."
0920 Arne Eriksson, Spectral Solutions, Lidingö, Sweden.
"Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Analysis - TXRF"
1005 Coffee
1030 Sebastian Hock, Elke Thisted, Torkild Eivindson, Central Laboratory, Elkem, Norway.
"XRF-analysis of cast iron"
1100 Leo van Glabbeek, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.
"Detector driven performance in EDPXRF"
1130 Armand Jonkers, PANalytical, Netherlands
"Oil analysis by ED-XRF"
1200 End
1200 Lunch