8 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2008

Quality Hotel & Resort Kristiansand


Monday 8 September

1000                 REGISTRATION


1200                 LUNCH

                         Chair: John T. Håkedal


1300                 OPENING Åge Storm


1310                 Prof. Phil Potts (invited speaker),  The Open University, Department of Earth Sciences, UK.

Portable X-ray fluorescence analysis: Challenges in the analysis of archaeological and environmental samples


1355                 Arne Eriksson, Bruker AXS Nordic, Sweden.

                         “Fast High Quality Analysis with Hand held XRF”


1415                 Göran Säwemark, B.Sc. ESAB AB, Sweden

                         “Analysis of coppering baths by ED-XRF”       


1435                 Coffee and exhibition


1520                 Leonid Skatkov, PCB "Argo", Israel

                         “ Study of sintered niobium powder surface structural inhomogeneities by SAXS technique”

1540                 Didier Bonvin, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Switzerland.
                         “An integrated X-ray system allowing full XRD and full XRF and its applications” 



1600                 End

1630                 Tour to the Setesdal Railway Museum . Buss outside Hotel entrance.

2000                 Dinner, Quality Hotel.


Tuesday 9 September


                         Chair: Lorentz Petter Lossius

0900                 Dr. Colleen Frazer (invited speaker), Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, San Jose, California., USA.

          “Theory and Application of the Rietveld Method”


0945                 Dr. Lorentz Petter Lossius.  Hydro Aluminium Technology Centre, Årdal , Norway.
                         Aluminium Electrolyte - Complex CRMs Quantified by Rietveld XRD”

1015                 Jakob Noreland, PANalytical, Sweden

                         “Selecting the strategy for quantitative XRD analysis”

1035                 Coffee and exhibition

1100                 Geert Vanhoyland, Bruker AXS GmbH, Germany

          ”Quantitative Rietveld Industrial Applications”


1130               Takao Akai, Akihiko Iwata, Kubo Tomikatsu, Rigaku Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

                       “A history of rotating anode X-ray generators and the benefits of new high brilliance X-ray generators in


1215                 Lunch

                         Chair: Helene Trøyte


1315                 Dr. Bertil Magnusson (invited speaker), SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
                         “XRF analysis of solid and liquids with borate fusion sample preparation and matrix correction using loss on

  ignition eliminated alphas”


1400                 Hisashi Homma, Kohei Kansai, Yoshiyuki Kataoka, Hisayuki Kohno.         
                         Rigaku Industrial Corporation, Japan.

                         “Rigaku Analysis for Ores and Cement Using a New Benchtop WDXRF-Spectrometer”

1445                 Bengt Svensson, Ametek Nordic AB, Sweden. 

                         The use of EDXRF instrumentation in the cement industry”


1505                 Coffee and exhibition              


1600                 Michel Davidts, Socachim-sprl. Bruxells, Belgium.
                         “Preparation of fusion beads for XRF analysis”

1620                 Dr. Rainer Schramm.Fluxana GmbH & Co. KG. Germany.

                         “FLUXANA Applications for XRF”


1650                 Charles-Olivier Arsenault, Claisse, Canada.

                         "New Development in Lithium Borate Fusion for Ferroalloys" 


1710                 End



1930                 Banquet



Wednesday 10 September


                         Chair: Torkild Eivindson

0900                 Didier Bonvin, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Switzerland.
                         “Optimization of the famous UniQuant package for use in Energy Dispersive XRF” 


0920                 Ingvar Bernhardsson, Degerfors Laboratorium AB, Sweden.

          “Användning av Multiscat för kalibrering av oxidiska material och titanlegeringar med få referensmaterial”


0940                 Coffee and exhibition

1040                 Svenerik Bäckman, Degerfors Laboratorium AB, Sweden.
                         Jämförelse kalibrering traditionellt/multiscat”

1100                 Arman Junkers, PANalytical, Netherlands
                         “'Modern counting electronics paving the way to unmatched detector linearity” 


1145                 Conference closing.


1200        Lunch