Maggi Loubser, PPC Cement, South Africa

Representative sampling and the errors introduced in sampling and sample preparation


Hege Zahl, on behalf of Elkem Solar Research, Norway

Quality control charting


Rainer Schramm, Fluxana GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Analysis of ashes with XRF based on fused beads


Kohei Kansai, Rigaku Europe SE, Germany

X-ray fluorescence analysis of rocks by fusion method using a benchtop WD-XRF


Elke Thisted, Elkem Solar Research, Norway

Aging of a Li2B4O7 glass - 5 years of analysis

Routine XRD analysis on anode material - our experience


Elke Schwöbel, Bruker AXS GmbH, Germany

Quantitative XRD-analysis of phases with known, partial or no known crystal structures


Jakob Noreland, PANalytical B.V, Sweden

Using XRD in the hunt for cost and CO2 reductions in the metal and mining industry


Katarzyna Mirek-Sliwa, Darrell Harman, Lorentz Petter Lossius, Hydro Aluminium, Norway/Australia

Advantages in use of the Multivariate Regression (MVR) method in the XRD bath acidity analysis


Stein Rørvik, SINTEF, Norway

A review of problems related to Lc  measurements by XRD of carbon materials


V. K. Egorov, E. V. Egorov, Institute of microelectronics technology Russian academy of science, Russia

Waveguide-resonance propagation mechanism for X-ray flux and it's realization conditions


Renaat van Geel, D.Bonvin, Thermo Fisher Scientific, The Netherlands/Switzerland

Concept differences in an XRF goniometer system


Akihiko Iwata, Rigaku Europe SE, Germany

Developement of a high brilliance rotating anode dual-wavelength X-ray generator and multi-layer mirror for dual-wavelength


Lorentz Petter Lossius, Hydro Aluminium, Norway

XRF of Aluminium Fluoride - Interlaboratory Study for ISO Precision


Hege Indresand, Crocker Nuclear Laboratory, University of California Davis, USA

Advanced Reference Materials for XRF Analysis in the US IMPROVE Atmospheric Particulate Matter Network.


M.Haschke, U.Rosseck, R.Tagle, U. Waldschläger and H.Wagenknecht, Bruker Nano GmbH, Germany

Ultra-fast and sensitive element distribution measurement using micro-XRF


Torfinn Fongen, Holger Teknologi, AS, Norway

Uses of portable XRF


Kevin Young, Peter Sheppardson, Sibelco Europe, England

Practical Aspects of the X-ray Characterisation of Silicate and Alumino-silicate Industrial Minerals


P.Lemberge, Renaat van Geel,  TermoFisher Scientific, Switzerland

F. Herzog, M.S. Krzemnicki, Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF, Switzerland

ED-XRF analysis to determine the origin and authenticity of gemstones


Armand Jonkers, PANalytical, The Netherlands

Advances in standardless analysis


Ingvar Bernhardsson, D-LAB, Sweden

Multi base, multi range calibration


Dirk Wissmann, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH, Germany

XRF-Calculation of results empirical, semi-empirical, fundamental parameters - versatility vs. precision vs accuracy