10 – 12 SEPTEMBER 2012


Quality Hotel & Resort Kristiansand


Monday 10 September




1200      LUNCH


1300      Opening: Torkild Eivindson


Session: XRF Sample preparation.          Chair: Elke Thisted



1310     Laura Oelofse, (Invited Speaker),Rigaku, USA.

    “Fusion – How to improve throughput by eliminating the loss of ignition step and maintain accuracy and precision”


1355     Frank Portala, Bruker AXS, Germany

   “Expanding the Application Range of XRF in Geology and Mining“


1420     Coffee and Exhibition


1455     Helene Trøite and Torkild Eivindson, Xstrata Nickel, Norway

   "XRF measurement on liquid samples at Xstrata Nikkelverk"


1515     Chris Shaffer, Thermo Scientific, Switzerland.

            "Advance Application XRF in Geochemical and Mining Analysis"


1535     Dirk Wissmann, Spectro Analytical Instruments, Germany

   “Trace element analysis in geological samples, coal, and coke using EDXRF”


1600     End


1630     Departure for Social trip: City tour


2000     Dinner, Quality Hotel



Tuesday 11 September


Session: XRD     Chair: Lorentz Petter Lossius


0900     Julian Tolchard (Invited Speaker), NTNU, Norway.

   “RECX – A new Norwegian National Center for X-ray scattering and imaging”


0945     Anita Fossdal, Sintef Materials and Chemistry, Norway

            “High temperature X-ray diffraction: some applications in academia and industry”


1000     Coffee and Exhibition


1100     Lorentz Petter Lossius, Hydro, Norway

   “Test Portion Grinding Fineness and XRD Diffractogram Quality in Rietveld Phase Quantification”


1130     Lunch


Session: XRF I Chair: Helene Trøite


1230     Chris Shaffer, Thermo Scientific, Switzerland

   “Sample Preparation and Calibrations: Getting the best results using XRF”



1250     Reiner Schramm, Fluxana

   "Practical use of new version of ISO 12677: 2011 - Chemical analysis of refractory products by XRF"



1320     Michel Davidts, Socachim, Belgium

             “Production of borate flux and internal standards”


1350     Bertil Magnusson

    Presentation of Eurachem


1400     Coffee and Exhibition


1450     Chris Shaffer, Thermo Scientific, Switzerland

            “Small Spot Analysis and Mapping on traditional WD-XRF”


1510     Lorentz Petter Lossius, Hydro, Norway

   “Coal-Tar Pitch X-Ray Fluorescence Application Development – Our Experience from Cooperation with a Pitch Supplier”


1525     Svein Erik Bäckmann, Degerfors Laboratorium AB, Sweden

   “Empirical Calibration of minerals”


1600    Sébastien Rivard, Corporation Scientifique Claisse®, Canada

 "Iron Ore Composition Determination and Total IronQuantification by Borate fusion and WDXRF– A simplified analytical method to the prevailing ISO 9615-1”


1620     End


1930     Conference Dinner



Wednesday 12 September


Session: XRF II           Chair: Irene Solås


0900     Bertil Magnusson (Invited Speaker), SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden

   “Direct measurement with XRF – sampling but no sample preparation"


 0945    Nicholas Norberg, PANalytical, Sweden

            “Application of rapid X-ray diffraction (XRD) and cluster analysis to grade control of ores”


1030     Coffee and Exhibition


1045     Armand Jonkers, Panalytical, Netherlands

   "Ferro alloys analysis, discussion of sample preparation and spectrometer selection "



1125     Hege Zahl, Elkem Technology, Norway

            “Making a 50 kg MgFeSi sample intended for instrument control: Experiences and challenges”


1145     Conference closing


1200     Lunch