1 – 3 SEPTEMBER 2014


Monday 1 September


1100     REGISTRATION in the entrance Hall at Fevik Strand Hotel

Distribution of program and a small memory object for the participants


1100     Exhibition Opens


1200     LUNCH


1300     Opening: Torkild Eivindson, Leader of NKSR Committee


Session: XRF - Filter samples and Air Monitor Chair: Hege Indresand


1315     Professor Jay R. Turner, (Invited speaker), Washington University in St. Louis, USA

“XRF-Based High Time Resolution Measurement of Airborne Particulate Matter Metals”


1400     Dr. Nicole P. Hyslop, (Invited speaker), Improve Research, USA

“XRF Reanalysis of a 15-year archive of IMPROVE samples”


1445     PhD Hege Indresand, Teknova, Kristiansand, Norway

“Solving an XRF data mystery in PM analysis”


1515     Coffee and Exhibition


1600     Hege Zahl, Elkem Technology AS, Norway

“Chemical shifts and other properties of SiKα and SiKβ lines measured by WDXRF spectrometry”


1635     Bertil Magnusson, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

“Eurachem - support for analytical chemists during the 25 years



1705     END



1730     DEPARTURE SOCIAL TRIP: Boating trip from seaside of hotel (remember warm clothes).


2030     DINNER



Tuesday 2 September


Session: XRD - General                                      Chair: Lorentz Petter Lossius


0830     David E. Simon, (Invited speaker), DES Consulting, Bartlesville, OK,

“Phase filter analysis of materials – the new x-ray diffraction technology”


0915     PhD Julian Tolchard, NTNU/SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway

“RECX: An update on the National Centre for X-ray Scattering”


0935     PhD Julian Tolchard, NTNU/SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway

“Beyond Routine: XRD in the NTNU Labs”


0945     Stein Rørvik, SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway

“Petroleum Coke Structure issues Studied by X-ray Diffraction”


1010     Coffee and Exhibition


1040     Lorentz Petter Lossius, K. Bolstad, K. Gulbrandsen, Hydro Aluminium ASA, Årdal Norway

 “Preparing a Multi-Phase Calibration Combining XRD Rietveld and Combustion Analysis”


1100     Arne Eriksson, Bruker AXS Nordic, Sweden

“The use of Rietveld method in industrial XRD applications"


1120     Thor Lichtentahler, Matriks/Rigaku

“Low background, low angle measurements with built in XRF suppression on the MiniFlex 600”


1200     Lunch


Session: XRD Sample Preparation and XRF     
         Chair: Elke Thisted


1300     Jacob Noreland, PANalytical B.V., Vällingby, Sweden

 "New features in analysis software for powder diffraction"


1330     Damien Blondel,Olympus,

“Portable XRD for infield measurements”



1430     Coffee and Exhibition


1530     Kurt Juchli, Thermo Scientific

“Analysis of layers and coatings by X-ray fluorescence”


1600     Susanne Kaun, Hanne Moltubakk Kempton, Norsk institutt for kulturminneforskning (NIKU)

"Identifying pigments in multiple paint layers using portable XRF"


1630     Rainer Schramm, FLUXANA

"New electrical fusion system"


1700     END

1930     CONFERENCE DINNER                                   Chair: Lorentz Petter Lossius



Wednesday 3 September


Session: XRF II                                                  Chair: Irene Solås


0830     Frank Portala, K. Behrens, S. Durali-Mueller, Bruker AXS, Karlsruhe Germany

"Effective Grade Control in Mining by EDXRF-Benefits and Limitations of New Analytical Technologies”


0900     Thierry Théato, Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH

"Industrial ED XRF Applications"


0930     Armand Jonkers, PANalytical

"Advances in table top EDXRF"


1000     Coffee, Exhibition and checkout of hotel


1100     Sébastien Rivard, Mathieu Bouchard and Alex Milliard, Corporation Scientifique Claisse®

“Calibration strategies for XRF applications using sample preparation by borate fusion – Practical example for chlorine analysis in the cement industry”


1130     Damien Blondel,Olympus

“Hot surface measurement with XRF”


1200     Pol de Pape, Rigaku

“Alternative Applications with WD-XRF”




1230     LUNCH




Minoru INOUE(1), Yasujiro YAMADA(1), Mao KITAMURA(3), Norifumi GOTOH(3), Pol De PAPE(2), and Michael MANTLER(1)

"Quantitative Analysis of CO2 and Loss on Ignition in Quicklime by XRF"


Loïc Perring, Nestlé Research Center

"Multimineral determination in petfood matrices using Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence"


Céline Fragnière Rime, Nestlé Research Center

"Mineral determination in milk based products by EDXRF – Opportunities of scope extension with EDXRF of new generation"


Sylvain Carbonneaux,Y.Toé, C.-P. Lienemann, IFPEN

"Reduction of oil products volume for Ni, V and S analysis by X-ray Fluorescence"


Bertil Magnusson, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

"Eurachem – a focus for analytical chemistry in europe"