5 – 7 SEPTEMBER 2016


                               PROGRAM FOR THE 19th NORWEGIAN X-RAY CONFERENCE 5 – 7 SEPTEMBER 2016


Strand Hotel Fevik, Grimstad





Monday 5 September 

1100     REGISTRATION in the entrance Hall at Fevik Strand Hotel

Distribution of program and a small memory object for the participants

1100     Exhibition Opens

1200     LUNCH


 Session: XRF                                  Chair: Hege Indresand


1300     Opening: Torkild Eivindson, Leader of the Norwegian X-ray Conference Committee


1310     “Challenges of Applying XRF Spectrometry to Gold Refining Operations”
            Dr. Mike Hinds Assay Chemist, Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa, ON, Canada (Invited speaker)


1355     “Software for translation of intensities to concentration”
            Svenerik Bäckman, D-Lab - DECIPHER, Sweden


1415     “On the challenges of harmonized XRF calibrations in an industrial setting”
            Patrick Galler, Elkem Technology, Kristiansand, Norway


1435     Coffee and Exhibition


1530     “TXRF – pros, cons and applications”
            Professor Johan Boman, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Invited speaker)  


1615     “Latest development in TXRF Applications and Instrumentation”
            Hagen Stosnach, Bruker Nano, Germany         


1635     “Introduction of Nanohunter II TXRF Spectrometer from Rigaku with Application Examples”
            Oleksandr Slipeniuk, Rigaku Europe, Germany


1650     END

1715     Departure for social trip: Walking tour in Fevik to the Storesand beach (approx. 2 km)
            Possible to collect orientation posts along the track to the beach. Refreshments served at the beach.


2030     DINNER


Tuesday 6 September


Session: XRD                                  Chair: Lorentz Petter Lossius


0830     “X-ray Diffraction in the Petroleum Industry – The Last 20 Years”
            PhD Robert W. Morton, Phillips 66 Company, USA (Invited speaker)


0915     “Real-Time X-ray Diffraction and Applications”
            Christophe Fontugne, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Switzerland


1000     Coffee and Exhibition


1030     “Analysis of a Complex Material by XRD Rietveld Phase Determination to Establish a Calibration Set for Peak Height                  Quantification”.
            Lorentz Petter Lossius, Hydro Aluminium Årdal, Norway

1100     “Innovations for Fast XRD Quantitative Analysis of Phase Composition and Amorphous Content”
            Christian Hansson, Bruker AXS Nordic, Sweden

1130     “Gibbsite Al(OH)3 application for alumina”
            Karin Bolstad, Hydro, Norway


1145     “Automated sample preparation for quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis. Does preferred orientation matter?”
            Marc Bornefeld, Thyssen-Krupp Industrial Solutions, Germany


1205     Lunch


Session: X-Ray and X-Ray Imaging                  Chair: Elke Thisted


1300     “High Brilliance X-ray Sources Based on Metaljet Technology
            Julius Hållstedt, Excillum, Sweden

1330     “Archaeopteryx XRF Image Mapping”
            PhD Robert W. Morton, Phillips 66 Company, USA (Invited speaker)


1400     “Non-destructive Materials Characterization by Micro X-Ray Computed Tomography”
            Stein Rørvik, SINTEF, Norway

1430     Coffee and Exhibition


Session: XRF and preparation                           Chair: Elke Thisted


1500     “Combined WD and ED measurements in the Zetium, boosting analysis speed and enhancing flexibility”
            Armand Jonkers, PANalytical, the Netherlands,


1545     “Latest development in WDXRF Applications and Instrumentation”
            Hannes Lüers, Bruker AXS, Germany


1615     “Applications of Borate Fusion in Steel Industry”
            Rainer Schramm, Fluxana, Germany    


1645     “XRF Fusion: The use & care of platinum laboratory ware”
            Frederic Davidts, XRF Scientific, Belgium


1715     ”Sampling/dividing - fra produksjonsstrøm til analyseprøve”
            Anders Pihl, Retsch, Norway


1745     END

1930     CONFERENCE DINNER                                   Chair: Lorentz Petter Lossius


Wednesday 7 September


Session: WD-XRF and ED-XRF              Chair: Helene Trøite


0830     ”Recent Developments in ED-XRF Technology Enable New Applications”
            Thierry Théato, Ametek/SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH, Germany


0900     “MicroXRF analysis using the Small Spot Measurements feature of Zetium in research and quality    environments”
            Armand Jonkers, PANalytical, the Netherlands,


0945     Coffee, Exhibition and checkout of hotel


1030     "On-line ED-XRF at Glencore Nikkelverk AS”
            Trond Sæterlid, Torkild Eivindson, Glencore Nikkelverk AS, Norway


1050     “Online X-Ray Techniques”
            Kevin Talmage, Applied Rigaku Technologies Inc, USA 


1110     “Hybrid Pixel Detector for XRF”
            Eivind Nygård, Enxense AS, Norway




1200     LUNCH