Welcome to the 20th anniversary edition of the NKS Norwegian X-RAY Conference 3.-5. september 2018 in beautiful Southern Norway

Strand Hotell Fevik Banner

The conference will be held at our new home base Strand hotel, Fevik. 

The aim of the conference is to bring together industrial and academic experts and users of XRF, XRD and EDXRF in Scandinavia with manufacturers and suppliers of analysis instruments, preparation equipment, reference materials and other chemicals.   

We are delighted that Dr. John Cooper, Professor Helmer Fjellvåg and Maggie Loubser will join this years conference as Key note speakers.  

New for us in 2018 is the official start of a poster session in addition to our regular presentation and exhibition content.

Within the topics of XRF and XRD we would like to put a special focus on HH-XRF, bench top systems (XRF and XRD) and automation/online systems (XRF and XRD).

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Abstract submissions is open till  June 1. 

Registration is still open.

Old archives will also be available again shortly. We apologize for taking these away as we continue to upgrade our new webpage.

We hope to see you in September!

Kind regards, The Committee (Torkild Eivindson, Elke Thisted, Hege Indresand, Alf Yngve Guldhav and Lorentz Petter Lossius)