20 March 2018

Dr. John Cooper


Chief Scientist, Sunset CES Inc. (SCI) in Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Dr. Cooper has been actively involved in the development and application of environmental measurement methods and research related to the origin, transport and fate of environmental metal pollutants for over 50 years since receiving his doctorate.  He has published extensively in such areas as:

•             Aerosol Source Characterization

•             Receptor Modeling

•             Residential Wood Combustion

•             X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

•             Neutron Activation Analysis

•             Environmental Radionuclide Analysis

•             Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

•             Environmental Effects on Nuclear Decay Constants

Much of his contemporary research over the past two decades has focused on the development of methods for continuous metal speciation of ambient and stack emission aerosols, developing dilution sampling methods for wet stacks and receptor modeling source profiles.  The technology Dr. Cooper has developed for multi-metal continuous emissions monitoring has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for emissions compliance demonstration and he is currently extending the application of this technology to fence line monitoring, ambient air toxic metals monitoring at the picogram per cubic meter concentration levels and continuous water analysis. This metals monitoring technology is now being distributed around the world.