26 January 2024

Bertil Magnusson

Bertil Magnusson

Trollboken AB

Started as a marine chemist looking for traces of metals in sea and fresh water in the 70's. At that time clean room and clean sampling was something totally new. After PhD I joined a chemical company, AKZO-NOBEL as a specialist in analytical chemistry mainly with atomic spectroscopy (XRF, AAS, ICP), XRD and wet chemistry. We supported the laboratories in Europe and America.  

In 00’s started at the Swedish Metrological Institute, RISE representing Sweden in metrology (CCQM*, Euramet and Eurachem) and performed mainly inorganic analysis. Now consultant in analytical chemistry – see The company organize a biannual XRF user meeting in Göteborg

*Committee for chemistry within  the international SI system for units –  

 A major part in my work which I like a lot is teaching and taking part in writing Nordtest and Eurachem guidelines in quality of measurement, e.g. accreditation, quality control, validation, measurement uncertainty and decision making.